Friday, 10 June 2011

Upfield Path.... where to start?

The Upfield Shared Path, running parrallel to the Upfield train line through Brunswick and Coburg, is in quite a run-down state. Avoiding much of the car traffic and associated issues along Sydney Road, the path has the potential to be a really valuable link through these suburbs to/from Royal Parade and the city. It would be impossible to chronicle all the issues with the Upfield Path at once, so we'll slowly go through them all eventually!

Upfield Path - Brunswick

This is one spot on the path in Brunswick that could lead to a real nasty mishap. Situated adjacent to the footbridge over the rail tracks near the Brunswick Pool.

Upfield Path Hazards @ Brunswick Rail Footbridge

Heading North, cyclists are first squeezed along the much narrower-than-usual patch of bitumen, then face the prospect of colliding with the concrete support holding up the stairwell.

Once you ride past the stairs you're confronted by a rather stealth pole (especially in darker hours) which accompanies the deadly wire running diagonally across the path!

Upfield Path Hazard - Brunswick Rail Footbridge

The council (i assume) have done a little work to make it a bit safer, painting the pole red and yellow, and adding the handy fence-bar stopping collisions from the intersecting footpath.

Upfield Path - Brunswick

As is the case with most of these issues, the main factor holding back progress is the apparently expensive nature of fixing it. The ideal solution would be to re-configure the lower half of the staircase to lead down the other side, thus allowing the widening of the path. This, accompanied by a repositioning of the support wire and the removal of the unnecessary metal pole would greatly improve the junction for all users!

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  1. Tylerb, The footbridge has been around for perhaps 130 years, the wall of the Brunswick baths for 80 years, and the bike path, maybe 25 or so years. The footbridge is a heritage listed structure, the Baths wall? probably not. They are redoing the baths, did anybody ask for more space for the bike path when public submissions were asked for? The footbridge would only be changed if it became unsafe, or made the train tracks unusable, because of its heritage listing. The bike path is built on RAILWAY land, it only exists with their sufferance. It is constrained to that slice that is far away enough from the trains and not on private land, so while there are numerous bottlenecks, they either require the buying of private land (expensive in this area) or the removal of railway infrastructure, or of heritage material. That post and support wire though, has anybody got a grinder? directactionredhillman